Ok THESE are the full and final details

So, I lied in the last post.  This time I'm telling the truth...THESE ARE THE FINAL AUDITION DETAILS! PLEASE READ!!!

AUDITIONEES!!! there has been a slight change of plan to the auditions next week, due to funding issues. They will be held on the same day at the same time but will now take a different format. We will now be meeting at the KING WILLIAM Pub on Sandridge Road, Marshalswick, NOT the Sandpit Theatre Instead of seeing each individual person "perform" for us, at this stage, we will simply be discussing what Rose and I wa
nt to do with the company, and basically assessing how people work together on discussing ideas, and seeing who is on the same sort of wave length. As the nature of Insomnia is to be quite experimental, and approaching things in a very devising heavy way, we want to make sure everyone is happy working like this, before we start exploring people's personal skills and talents. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who showed an interest in coming, and we'll see you at 5pm at the King Will on Tuesday 4th :D xx